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·        Do you have loss your confidence?

·        Do you have asking others to repeat themsleves?

·        Do you have difficulty in hearing telephone conversation?

·        Do you have difficulty in understanding people in a group or social gatherings?

·        Do you have inability to follow speech in public meetings, audiotoriums, classrooms, cour rooms etc.?

·        Do you put your hand on ears to make you clear in hearing when somebody ask you somethings?

·        Do you feel sometime that your one ear hear less than the pther one?

·                    Do you miss word during conversation with others?

·        Do you feel that you have problem in hearing in noisy environment?

·        Do people compalin that you turn the TV volume up too high?

·        Do you have problem in hearing when two or more people talking at the same time?

·        Do you miss understand what others are saying and responce inappropriately?

·        Do you have dizziness, heaviness, pain or ringing?

·        Do you ever experience watery or ear discharge from the ear?

·        Do somebody told you that your hearing needs to be tested?



                                   If the ans is ‘Yes’ to any of the above points, you should have hearing evaluated further by an audiologist.


                                    Get your self tested




    Suggested by


    P.Meenakshi Chanu



   Murshidul Alam


   Audiologist Technician

   (M.A., B.Ed.,B.LIB, DHELS)

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