Digital Screening and Diagnostic Audiometers

Bengal Prosthesis We deal digital diagnostic as well as normal Audiometer. A wide range of features includes with different price ranges. All Audiometer have standard touch screen facility and could be connected with Computer through USB cable. Clinical Audiometer with diagnostic features have all Audiological special tests like SISI, TDT, ABLB, FF Audiometry, Speech Audiometry (SRT/SDS) and other standard facility. We deal several brands like, Audiotivo, Sree Electronics, Labat, Maico, Gn Otometric, Global and others. Most of our audiometrs have bulit in calibration facility. All audiometers carry one year manufacturing warranty. Diagnostic portable audiometrs provide all features to that of diagnostic audiometers.




Digital Diagonostic Audiometer - Micra and Endevour- Frequency Range 125Hz to 12000H, Intensity Range - AC (-10dB to 120dB) & BC (-10dB TO 80dB). Tests -AC, BC and Speech. Special tests like SISI, TDT, ABLB, FF Audiometry and SRT/SDS in diagnostic featurs

Digital Diagonostic Audiometer - Maico MA41 & MA42 - Integrated patient database,Store results as PDF file on USB-Stick,Direct Printout and Integration of Asian Fonts,Air conduction, bone conduction, free field and speech audiometric testing,Pure tone, warble tone, narrow band, white and speech noise,Diagnostic Tests such as SISI, Decay, ABLB, MLB, Langenbeck, Stenger,Independent two channel,High frequency option up to 20 kHz,USB PC-Interface, NOAH compatible,Patient database for more than 1000 test results.

Digital Screening Audiometer - Maico MA25 - New features combined with a fresh design,Air conduction with 11 frequencies from 125 Hz to 8 kHz,Customize the frequencies according to your own needs,Intensities from -10 dBHL to +100 dBHL in steps of 5 or 1 dB,Pure, warble and pulse tone,Independent with battery or with power supply,MA 25e with automatic Hughson-Westlake test

Labat Audiolab Two Channel Clinical High Frequency Audiometer :-Product Features-Pure Tone, Speech, Masking, Field & Special Tests, Completely Digital-No FrequentCalibrations,Upgradeable To High Frequency Upto 20 KHz,Pocket Size & power through USB port,Automatic Synchronized Tone & Masking,Bekesy Test.Automatic calculation of Spech Scoring,Choice of TDH 49 or Insert Ear Phones.

Tests Possible:-PTA (Pure tone audiometry),Masking,Speech Audiometry,Free field Audiometery,Special Tests,SISI,ABLB,Tone Decay Bekesy etc,High Frequency upto 20 KHz