Corona ERA Device for BERA/ABR Test

Corona-ERA-ABR-BERA-Instrument-India minimum price ABR Test insturment picture

General: The measurement of Evoked Response Audiometry is a basic diagnostic tool in the daily audiologic routine. Especially to meet demanding applications in clinics and private practices the ERA-device "Corona" was been developed. The unique concept allows to configure or to upgrade the system depends on needs of the users,

  • Usable for all AEP - Applications
  • Arbitrary system
  • Offers a range of several frequency- specific methods
  • Notched-Noise-BERA; ASSR; Chirp
  • Special application like EBERA + ECochG available
  • Digital pre-amplifier offers advanced performance in different environments like operating rooms.
  • Measuring Method of Corona:-

    Free configurable:
  • Standard - ABR (Click + Tonburst)
  • Notched - Noise - ABR
  • ASSR
  • Chirp - ABR
  • CERA
  • Bone conduction
  • VEMP
  • Screening - ABR
  • ECochG
  • Mismatch-Negativity
  • EBERA (Cochlear Implant)
  • Wave (download of Wave-Files)
  • Free Field applications (Hearing Aid Adjustement)
  • Automated ABR - Screening

  • Objective and reliable
  • within minutes
  • BERA Test Screening Device in Kolkata

    ASSR Test

  • Easy to use General User Interface
  • Objectively determination of response
  • AMFR is a fully objective process.
  • Simultaneous testing of various carrier frequencies is possible
  • ASSR Report Interface Of Corona ERA