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siemens hearing aid details Hearing Aid dispensing and Audiological Testing is a health related matter. Keeping this factor in mind we are conducting the services by engaging efficient and expericenced manpower. To dispense hearing aid we have front offfice dispensing staffs who have got training from Internationl hearing aid dispenser Siemens Hearing Instrument.

For Audiolocial services and Speech Therapy we have a number of experienced and qualified Audiologists and Speech Pathologists.

Our efficent marketing staffs provide their best effort for public awareness regarding hearing impairement. For this we also arrange free services to the poorest of the society in different occation.

During the past years we provided best services to the people not only in West Bengal but alos in entire Eastern India. We have retail unit as well as whole sale unit. For audiological services we provide instant report to the patients.

With the advancement of technology we conduct all the services using Digital Equipments and Digital Technology.

Here is a good news for the patients - as you know that to deal with digital equipments like Digital Hearing Aid, Digital Audiological Services - we also engaged a qualified Information Technology professional to make a bridge between old and new technological advancement. And it is also remarkable, we the only dispenser who have riched in such qualified professional in Eastern India.

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