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Ear Grommet (Tympani Tube) with attractive price range and all types.

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Nasal Septal Button - attractive price range.

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Imported Merocel Nasal Pack for Nose with attractive price.

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External Nasal Septal Splint for Nose -attractive price range.

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Malleous Piston -attractive price range.

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Diamond Cutting Burs -attractive price range.

Welcome To Bengal Prosthesis

A house of quality digital Audiometer, Tympanometer, ABR, ENG, ASSR, OAE, VEMP devices and Ear Grommet, Piston, Nasal & ENT Surgical Equipments.

Who we are

Bengal Prosthesis is a leading provider of high quality Ear, Nose and Throat Prosthesis to ENT doctors, hospitals and health care agencies in West Bengal. We also supply standard digital Audiometer, Tympanometer, BERA/ABR, OAE, ASSR, ECOGHG, ENG testing devices to individuals, clinics, hospitals and organizaions

We also offers a full line of Otolaryngological kits, ENT Head Light, ENT Surgery tools, Sugrical devices and care & cleaning solutions to support you at every stage of the healthcare process.

We also offers a full range of Hearing Aid and its Accessories like digital and analog hearing aid and its cord, battery, ear tip, hearing aid parts etc. Beside we have quality supply of electrophysiological tests consumables like, cleaning gel, conductive paste, electrodes etc.

Bengal Prosthesis products are offered exclusively through a local network of distributors, ensuring a trusted team of advisors is committed to supporting you.

We been a leading provider of high-quality human body prostheis like artificial limbs related to otolaryngology and orthopedic fields. Over the years Bengal Prosthesis has collaborated with leading surgeons and medical facilities to develop hundreds and thousands, of unique surgical instrument patterns. Today Bengal Prosthesis has expanded its product line to include lots of equipments for the ENT markets.

Bengal Prosthesis has built a regional reputation for providing high-quality surgical, audiological, laryngeal, nasal instruments and consistent customer service. Headquartered in West Bengal, Kolkata Bengal Prosthesis's in-house team of professional Managers offers specialized knowledge and consultation on surgical instruments. From here, we also maintain a full warehouse of in-stock instruments and supplies ready for same day shipment.

With major Audiological testing instruments, surgical instruments and prostheis lines, Bengal Prosthesis is able to deliver superior performance at the right price. Every instrument is made of durable and has a great acceptance of use in the field of otolaryngology.

Evoked Response Audiometry
(BERA / ABR) Test

auditiory branistem response ABR test


Otoacoustic Emission Test

OAE - Otoacoustic Emission Test Device

Product Overview

BERA, OAE, ASSR, Test Instrument in India

BERA OAE ASSR Test Instrument in India

Stapes Piston, TORP, PORP in India

Stapes Piston TORP PORP in India

Video Otoscope and Laryngoscope Price in India

Video Otoscope Laryngoscope Price in India

Cost of Merocel in India

Cost of Merocel in India

ENT surgical instruments in Kolkata

ENT surgical instruments in Kolkata

Vestibular Test Equipment - E.N.G. VENG price in India

Vestibular Test Equipment E.N.G. VENG price in India

digital diagnostic and portable audiometer photo

Digital Diagnostic Portable Audiometer

We deal digital diagnostic as well as normal Audiometer. A wide range of features includes with different price ranges. All Audiometer have standard touch screen facility and could be connected with Computer through USB cable. Clinical Audiometer with diagnostic features have all Audiological special tests like SISI, TDT, ABLB, FF Audiometry, Speech Audiometry (SRT/SDS) and other standard facility. We deal several brands like, Audiotivo, Sree Electronics, Labat, Maico, Gn Otometric, Global and others. Most of our audiometrs have bulit in calibration facility. All audiometers carry one year manufacturing warranty. Diagnostic portable audiometrs provide all features to that of diagnostic audiometers.

 Corona ERA (NERA/ABR) instrument

Corona ERA Device for BERA/ABR Test

General: The measurement of Evoked Response Audiometry is a basic diagnostic tool in the daily audiologic routine. Especially to meet demanding applications in clinics and private practices the ERA-device "Corona" was been developed.

The unique concept allows to configure or to upgrade the system depends on needs of the users


  • Usable for all AEP - Applications
  • Arbitrary system
  • Offers a range of several frequency- specific methods
  • Notched-Noise-BERA; ASSR; Chirp
  • Special application like EBERA + ECochG available
  • Digital pre-amplifier offers advanced performance in different environments like operating rooms.
  •  OAE instrument by eroscan in India photo

    Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) Instrument - Eroscan

    OAEs provide a simple, efficient and non-invasive objective indicator of healthy cochlear function and OAE screening is widely used in universal new-born hearing screening programmes.

    Hearing loss is one of the most cases of birth defects possible.
    OAE's can be evoked by clicks (TEOAE) or as distortion products of two sinusoidal tones (DPOAE).
    TEOAE = Transient evoked OAE
    DPOAE = Distortion product OAE
    OAE's indicate the functionality of the outer hair cells of the cochlea
    Highly correlated to normal hearing
    A very sensitive microphone is necessary to measure OAE's.